General Specifications


liquid helium bath cryostat with dilution refrigerator insert vacuum isolation, vapor shielded (LN2 shielded on request)

sample environment

cryogenic vacuum, sample cooled via braids

sample space

2" diameter probe bore fitting all attocube inserts

Performance Data

base temperature

< 20 mK (no load), < 100 mK (incl. MIC)

estimated liquid helium static loss rate

< 0.5 l/h

cool down time of sample

approx. 8 .. 12 h

cool down time of system (system without magnet)

approx. 24 h

cool down time of system (system incl. 9 T magnet)

approx. 24 h

cooling power at sample location

up to 400 µm @ 120 mK

additional heat load when scanning

approx. 10-15 µW per µm/s scan speed


1 K pot and still: resistance thermometers, mixing chamber: calibrated RuO2 thermometer

Size and Dimensions

cryostat (width x depth x height)

approx. 900 x 750 x 1500 mm³ (including attoDAMP; depending on magnet choice)

required min. ceiling height

approx. 3.50 m (depending on magnet)

optional electronics rack (width x  depth x height)

640 x 640 x 1350 mm³

Options and Upgrades

superconducting magnet

solenoids: 7, 9, 12 T, vector magnets: e.g.: 8/2 T, 9/3 T, 9/1/1 T, ...

bipolar magnet power supply

included (with optional magnet)

temperature controller


pumping kit

full pumping kit included

helium transfer line


helium lever meter


Compatible Equipment

confocal microscopes

attoCFM II, attoCFM III

atomic/magnetic force microscopes

attoAFM I , attoMFM I, attoAFM III, attoAFM/STM

transport measurements


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