General Specifications


liquid helium bath cryostat with 3He insert vacuum isolation, vapor shielded (LN2 shielded on reque

liquid helium dewar

50 l capacity, liquid nitrogen shield (capacity 45l)

sample environment

cryogenic vacuum, sample cooled via braids

sample space

2" diameter probe bore fitting all attocube inserts

vibration & acoustic noise damping system

dewar isolated and suspended in attoDAMP cabinet

Performance Data

base temperature

approx. 270 mK (1 K pot ON, no load), approx. 350 mK (1 K pot OFF, incl. microscope)

estimated liquid helium static loss rate

< 0.35 l/h (incl. microscope and wiring)

cool down time of sample

approx. 3 h

cool down time of system (system without magnet)

approx. 6 .. 24 h

cool down time of system (system incl. 9 T magnet)

approx. 6 .. 24 h

³He regeneration time

typ. 30 min

temperature stability

± 3 mK for T < 1.2 K

cooling power at sample location

approx. 150 µW @ 350 mK for 12.5 hours(1 K pot ON, no load)

additional heat load when scanning

approx. 10-15 µW per µm/s scan speed


control thermometer on charcoal sorption pump, thermometer on 1 K pot with standard calibration, RuO

Size and Dimensions

cryostat (width x depth x height)

800 x 800 x 1800 mm³ (including attoDAMP; depending on magnet choice)

required min. ceiling height

approx. 3.40 m plus crane (depending on magnet)

optional electronics rack (width x  depth x height)

640 x 640 x 1350 mm³

Options and Upgrades

superconducting magnet

solenoids: 7, 9, 12 T, vector magnets: e.g.: 8/2 T, 9/3 T, 9/1/1 T, ...

bipolar magnet power supply

temperature controller


pumping kit

1 K pot pumping kit included

helium transfer line


helium lever meter



confocal microscopes

attoCFM II, attoCFM III

atomic/magnetic force microscopes

attoAFM I , attoMFM I, attoAFM III, attoAFM/STM

scanning Hall probe microscopes


combined atomic and confocal microscope

attoAFM/CFM (on request)

transport measurements





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