General Specifications


ultra low vibration, closed-cycle cryostat intimately integrated into optical table, optical table i

sample environment

cryogenic vacuum, sample cooled via braids (ATC100)

sample space

75 mm (diameter)

sample exchange

easy access via removal of vacuum shroud


fully automated temperature control (vacuum, cooldown, T control, warmup), all pumps integrated, U

vibration & acoustic noise damping system

proprietary low vibration design

Performance Data

temperature range

3.8 .. 320 K (depending on configuration)

Base pressure (in sample chamber)

<5e-6 mbar

leak rate of vacuum

< 5e-9 mbar l/s

cool down time (incl. pumping time)

< 4.5 h to 5 K (depending on thermal load)

temperature stability

< 15 mK (peak-to-peak with damped sample mount)

cooling power at cold plate

>170 mW @ 5 K

vibration level (cold plate, vertical)

< 5 nm (peak-to-peak@1500 Hz)

Closed-Cycle Cooler

power consumption

max. 3 kW

cooling of compressor

water cooling (default; requires local infrastructure), air cooling (optional)

Size and Dimensions

optical table

standard size 900 mm x 1800 mm x 305 mm (leg height 597 mm); metric or imperial mounting threads (

Options and Upgrades

temperature controller


pumping kit


vacuum shroud

Basic (standard shroud), RT-SWD, RT-USWD upgrade, LT-APO objective, HV objective, Photonic Probe Sta

electrical access

36 customer wires included, heat sunk @ 4 K


electrical (DC, HF), optical fibers, gas capillary (on request)

sample motion

Premium Line positioners and scannersf1

cryostat compressor upgrade

air-cooled (grey-room recommended)


extension to 13 m or 20 m (instead of 6 m)cf0f1fs17


for active vibration isolation of table


confocal microscopes

attoCFM I

confocal Raman microscopes

attoRAMAN (on request)

Cryogenic Photonic Probe Station

confocal microscope with 2 fiber probes for side excitation/detection




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