General Specifications


ultra-low vibration, pulse-tube based closed-cycle cryostat designed for scanning probe microscopy applications

sample environment

He exchange gas

sample space

49.7 mm diameter probe bore fitting all attocube inserts

sample exchange

top loading system for quick access


fully automated temperature and magnetic field control via integrated touchscreen, USB interface for remote control

vibration & acoustic noise damping system

proprietary low vibration design

Performance Data

temperature range

1.65 .. 300 K (automated control)

base temperature

1.65 (expected), 1.8 K (guaranteed)

cool down time of sample

approx. 3 .. 5 h (depending on insert)

initial cool down time of system without insert (unattended)

15 .. 20 h (system without magnet), 20 .. 24 h (incl. 9 T magnet)

temperature stability

< ± 5 mK expected (1.5 .. 10 K), < ± 10 mK guaranteed (1.5 .. 10 K)

cooling power at sample location

> 2 mW @ 2 K

Closed-Cycle Cooler

nominal cooling power

> 900 mW @ 4.2 K

power consumption

max. 9.0 kW, 7.2 kW steady state

cooling of compressor

water cooling (requires local infrastructure)

Size and Dimensions

cryostat (width x depth x height)

1120 x 640 x 1050 mm³ (depending on magnet choice)

required min. ceiling height

approx. 2.60 m ( depending on magnet)

optional electronics rack (width x  depth x height)

640 x 640 x 1050 mm³

Options and Upgrades

superconducting magnet

solenoids: 7, 9, 12 T, vector magnets: e.g.: 8/2 T, 9/3 T, 9/1/1 T, ...

bipolar magnet power supply

included (with optional magnet)

temperature controller


pumping kit

turbomolecular pump with suitable backing pump for sample space preparation

Compatible Equipment

confocal microscopes

attoCFM I, attoCFM II, attoCFM III

confocal Raman microscopes


atomic/magnetic force microscopes

attoAFM I , attoMFM I, attoAFM III (on request)

scanning Hall probe microscopes


transport measurements