Industrial Line

Nano Drives for Industry

With the Industrial Line series of positioners, attocube has genuinely combined highest precision piezo-drive technology with extremely rugged yet cost effective design. All Industrial Line positioners are dedicated for operation at ambient temperature and at pressures ranging from atmospheric to UHV.

The Industrial Line drive series is precisely engineered for applications where space is frequently constrained while load and torque applied to the positioning units may be significant. This powerful performance is supplemented by the ECC100 drive electronics which enables open and closed loop positioning with 1 nm/1 μ° position resolution.



High Loads

Facilitated by their unique piezodrive technology, their stiff mechanical design, and the application of crossed roller bearings, ECS positioners are capable of moving and placing loads of up to several kg on the nanometer scale.


Closed Loop Control

In conjunction with the three-axis drive electronics ECC100, ECS positioners are capable of a closed-loop1 
positioning resolution of 1 nm (1 µ°) while providing travel velocities of up to 4.5 mms /s (10°/s).  A position
repeatability of 50 nm ( 50 µ°) tops off the specification of the Industrial Line.


Materials & Life Expectancy

For Industrial Line positioners special emphasis was put on both life endurance and cost effective manufacturing. The room temperature optimized drive mechanism, combined with the choice of aluminum or stainless steel as main body material, enables a significant cost reduction, while achieving a life span about 500,000 cycles1.


Large Travel Ranges

Positioners of the ECS series take advantage of a drive mechanism based on attocube‘s patented inertial drive technology, modified specifically for applications at ambient temperature where large travel ranges of several centimeters are mandatory.


Multi Axis Operation

attocube‘s ECS positioners are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and travel ranges and can be stacked directly on top of each other for multi axis operation.


Vacuum Compatibility

Positioners of the Industrial Line are dedicated for operation at room temperature and pressures ranging from ultra high vacuum to ambient. All stages are either available in anodized Aluminum or stainless steel, satisfying both optical and UHV applications.



Dr. D. Gray

The ease of precise position control afforded by attocube’s new ECS stages and the modularity of their configuration has saved a lot of headaches during our experimental design process. The attocube representatives have been knowledgeable, prompt and pleasant in helping us figure out what we need. Our stages were easy to set up and they work like a charm.

(Ginzton Laboratory, Stanford University)



Dr. H. Richter

We have mounted the ECS positioner into our assembly and
I have to say that it works perfectly well. It runs incredibly smooth, exactly the way I had hoped for. I would like to thank you once again for your support, you have been a tremendous help.

(Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, San Jose)


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