ATC Thermal Coupling Device


For cryogenic experiments conducted in (ultra) high vacuum without He exchange gas, an effective thermal coupling of a positioner setup to the cold plate is essential. The ATC100 features high thermal conductivity while maintaining the required mechanical flexibility. With the positioners and/or scanners sandwiched in between cold plate and sample via the ATC100, this allows for nanoprecise motion with the sample as close to the cryostats (base) temperature as possible. The ATC thermal coupling solution is available with or without heater and temperature sensor.


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Length of ATC

Compatible with


ANPxy101 stack




ANPxyz10+ANSxyz100 or ANPxy101+ANPz102


Article Art. No. Article Art. No. Article Art. No. Article Art. No.
ATC50 1011433 ATC100/35 1005260 ATC100/Si/35 1009327 ATC100/Cer/35 1009334
ATC50/Si 1011857 ATC100/60 1008437 ATC100/Si/60 1009326 ATC100/Cer/60 1009333
ATC50/Cer 1011858 ATC100/70 1005253 ATC100/Si/70 1009325 ATC100/Cer/70 1009332
    ATC100/80 1012079 ATC100/Si/80 1012080 ATC100/Cer/80 1012081


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