Room temperature apochromatic broadband collimator with NA=0.13.


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Technical specifications
apochromatic (chromatic focal shift δf < +/- Δ)

450-1050 nm

monochromatic ( > 98% transmission)

400-1000 nm

Numerical Aperture (NA)


Working distance

6.5 mm

Clear aperture

4.7 mm

Focal length

18 mm


Art. No.



Naming Scheme - identify the right objective for your application!

RT is short for "Row Temperature (compatible)”.

APO is short for "Apochromatic", and refers to the fact that the focal displacement curve is flat (i.e. within plus/minus one depth of focus) within the specified apochromatic range (see specification sheets of the respective objectives for further details).

/VIS is short for "Visible", indicating that the objective is suitable for the visible wavelength range.

/NIR is short for "Near-Infrared", indicating that the objective is most suitable for the near-infrared wavelength range.

/0.13 is indicating the numerical aperture (NA) of the respective objective, in this case NA = 0.13.