Dry Measurement Systems


Fundamental research and materials science are evolving at a phenomenal pace. Papers and research results are published faster, and in higher volumes than ever before. To keep up with this rapid development, fully automated, highly reliable research platforms are gaining in importance tremendously. They considerably help to reduce time consuming setup, training and maintenance procedures, and hence resources are set free for more valuable tasks in scientific questions and the day-to-day lab work.


Additionally, research institutes and universities have to prove cost responsiblity and to justify investment decisions in terms of sustainibility and long-term relevance. 

All of this comes together in the brand-new attoDRY LAB concept, attocube‘s state-of-the-art 21st century nano-characterization solution. These dry and fully automated variable temperature Cryostat Platforms help to save unpredictably high running costs caused by ever more expensive and less reliable liquid helium supplies. 


A variety of Measurement Options and superconducting magnets for the convenient characterization of nanomaterials offer highest flexiblitiy and immediately deliver first class research results. We combined all our know-how & scientific expierence to develop a cutting-edge, yet easy-to-use measurement solution.