Our attoLIQUID cryostats are delivered with an attoDAMP anti-vibration cabinet, enabling ultimate stability for extremely sensitive measurements. This is achieved via careful acoustic and mechanical damping of the dewar inside the cabinet.


Large sample space

While most magnet systems feature only 1" diameter sample space, our attoLIQUID cryostats provide twice the diameter, and four times the area in cross-section. This leaves ample space for sophisticated cryogenic experiments, and is of course compatible with with our complete line of measurement options.


High magnetic fields

Choose from a range of high field single solenoid, vector field or split coil magnets for your attoLIQUID system with appropriate magnet power supply.


Plug & Play

Every attoLIQUID cryostat comes fully equipped with all necessary items for operation such as temperature controller, bipolar magnet power supply, pumps and KF fittings for a convenient and flawless operation straightaway.