FPGA-based Electronics

attocube’s electronics are state-of-the-art, fully digital FPGA-based control and sensor units, guaranteeing highest performance. Easy-to-use firmware upgrade tools enable the user to take advantage of software upgrades for years to come.


Variable Interfaces

attocube’s control units possess a large variety of interfaces. All motion controllers enable control using Ethernet, USB (DLL, LabVIEW), and Hardware Trigger (TTL, and/or AquadB). Many of those interfaces can be activated using a software key which can be purchased at any time.


Open-range Input

All control electronics of attocube are equipped with either a wide-range or a switchable input power supply, allowing the units to be used in any country – world wide.



Many motion control electronics can be software-upgraded even years after purchase. For example, an AMC100 can be equipped with Ethernet or added software functionality at any time.


Open and Closed Loop Models

attocube offers dedicated controller models for open loop and closed loop positioning mode meeting the highly demanding dynamic performance and accuracy requirements of attocube’s positioners.

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