ultra low noise scan voltage amplifier 


The ANC250 is attocube’s high-end scan voltage amplifier for piezo scanning tubes and flexure scanners. All three input channels (-10 V…+10 V) generate differential scan voltages (x+, x-, y+, y-, z) up to 200 V. The ANC250 is notable for its ultra low noise specifications with an ouput noise of only 20 µV RMS.



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Modes of Operation

scan mode

input signal amplified with gain 20

Controller Hardware


approx. 21 x 21 x 5 cm3


1.9 kg
power supply 100/115/230 V, 50..60 Hz
power consumption max. 60 W
connector fused IEC inlet
connecting cable (ELE - POS) 1 per axis, length: 2 m

Input Signals

DC in voltage range

-10..10 V

AC in voltage range

-10..10 V


DC, zero offset

input resistance

1 Mohm AC

input current

< 2 μA

input connectors

BNC, 50 Ohm

Output Signals

scanning -output voltage range

-220..200 V

scanning -gain


scanning - maximum current

10 mA

scanning - power bandwidth

650 Hz @ sinus output 400 Vpp

scanning - small signal bandwidth

2 kHz (response corresponding to 2nd order
Bessel filter)

scanning - slow rate

800 V/ms (without load)

amplification accuracy

< 0.2%

amplification T coefficient

< 50 ppm/K

output noise

20 µV (RMS)

output filter


maximum capacitive load

1 µF

zero voltage output in GND mode

connected to chassis ground directly or via
100 kOhm

Models and Part Numbers

piezo tube controller

ANC250 (art. no. 1002701)

Options and Upgrades

19” rack mounting kit

handles (art. no. 1001606)

faster amplifier

activation code (art. no. 1007438)
attoNAV signal bandwidth 10 kHz (ask for details)

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