piezo motion controller for room temperature positioners


The three axes controller AMC100 drives and controls all Industrial Line positioners in open and closed loop mode. The AMC100 can be controlled through USB, input/output triggers, or Ethernet and is delivered with Windows based Software, DLL and LabViewTM drivers set and JSON command support.


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Modes of Operation



open loop positioning

stepping signals for slip-stick positioners
fine positioning mode for positioners

closed loop positioning

closed loop control for ECS/NUM positioners

remote operation

Ethernet, WLAN (optional, planned), USB for hand-held controller (optional, planned)

Controller Hardware


approx. 22 x 22 x 4.5 cm3


2 kg
power supply 12 VDC, included
power consumption max. 30 W
connector 3 x D-Sub H/D 26pin

Software Drivers

Windows, Linux

Stand-alone application for Windows XPTM, 7TM, 8TM, 10TM



Output Signals

stepping - voltage range

0..45 V

stepping - frequency range

0..5 kHz (1 axis),
0..2 kHz (3 axes simultaneously)

stepping - maximum current

> 16 A

output noise

< 5 mVpp (500 kHz bandwidth)

maximum capacitive load

2 μF

Interfaces (I/O Upgrade)

Protocols (Input and Output)



Single Step
Steps and Direction

Signal Levels


Options and Upgrades

/Pro Controller Upgrade

activation code (art. no. 1013511)

/I/O Controller Upgrade

activation code (art. no. 1013885)





Overview AMC100 Models


  AMC100 Pro Version I/O Version
end of travel detection / stop on end of travel   x  
open loop fine positioning   x  
LabVIEW x x x
DLL x x x
platform independent JSON drivers x x x
AquadB input and output (LVTTL)     x
trigger input     x
stepper input     x
input/output differential     x
 n steps command   x  
 mulitdevice operation x x x
MOVE gui (flexibiity to mix axes from different controllers)   x  
 auto reset x x x
 target range around set point adjustable x x x
 daisychanging between multiple AMC100   x  

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