Q control

The ASC500 provides full control over the Q factor of any driven oscillator system by means of electronic Q control. The natural Q factor can be varied by typically more than one order of magnitude in each direction. This allows to enhance the signal sensitivity or to improve on scan speed, as well as to use well-known room temperature scan parameters also for low temperature experiments with help of Q reduction.


Closed loop scan engine

The world’s first low temperature compatible closed loop scan engine is fully integrated into the ASC500 as an upgrade option. Based on our award winning fiber interferometer FPSensor, the lateral resolution is about 1 nm. This unique concept provides not only compensation of the piezo-inherent scan non-linearities, but also allows for convenient sample navigation and feature retrieval over the full 5 mm x 5mm.


Generic ADCs & DACs

Multiple generic digital/analog converter in- and outputs enable the user to configure the microscopy controller for his particular measurement task. On-board preamplifiers, switchable low-pass filtering, oversampling and offset compensation, software definable transfer functions and analog modulation inputs are just some of the features.


Phase locked loop

A fully digital phase locked loop is implemented into the ASC500. It uses the high frequency inputs/outputs with 50 MHz bandwidth. A high-speed lock-in demodulator and two PI control loops are used to control the amplitude of an oscillator and to follow any resonance shifts. The frequency resolution is below 0.2 μHz in a range of 1 kHz up to 2 MHz.


LabVIEW remote control

A full package of LabVIEW drivers for all software functions incorporated in the original graphical user interface (GUI) is included at no additional cost. It allows for convenient measurement automation, user-defined experiments, and an easy integration with third party instrumentation.


FPGA-based Electronics

attocube’s electronics are state-of-the-art, fully digital FPGA-based control and sensor units, guaranteeing highest performance. Easy-to-use firmware upgrade tools enable the user to take advantage of software upgrades for years to come.

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