Microscopy Controllers

Multi-purpose SPM Electronics

The ASC500 is a modular and flexible digital SPM controller which combines state-of-the-art hardware with innovative software architecture, offering superior performance and unprecedented variety of control concepts. It was developed with the goal to never be the limiting factor in any scanning probe microscopy (SPM) experiment. All desirable functions and high-end specifications for conducting the experiment of your choice in AFM, MFM, KPFM, PRFM, CFM, SHPM, SNOM, STM, and many more measurement techniques are available. The ASC500 features optional closed loop functionality. fully supporting attocube’s FPS interferometric sensors.

The ASC400 is a flexible digital confocal microscope controller, and combines state-of-the-art hardware with innovative software concepts to offer an unmatched variety of controlling many different confocal microscopy applications. Scan control combined with data acquisition, and straightforward interfacing to external devices such as e.g. a spectrometer are just some of the convenient features.