3D mouse SpaceNavigator®


intuitive 3D-control for multi axis nano positioning applications

The 3D mouse SpaceNavigator® (designed and produced by 3Dconnexion) allows for intuitive remote control of all attocube piezo drives via a specially programmed software interface. Each degree of freedom can be assigned to one specific positioner: A push, pull, twist or tilt of the SpaceNavigator® is translated into the corresponding movement. The perfect choice for demanding positioning tasks with up to six degrees of freedom (6DOF). Available for ECC100, ANC300 & ANC350.



Art. No.

attoNAV/100 - SpaceNavigator software upgrade for ECC100


attoNAV/300 - SpaceNavigator software upgrade for ANC300


attoNAV/350 - SpaceNavigator software upgrade for ANC350


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