Software Upgrades

for ECC100 


Software Upgrade /SYNC

While USB2.0 is implemented in the standard version of the ECC100, the usage of the ethernet interface requires a software activation which refers to the /SYNC software upgrade. All customers working with Epics in their lab or research facility will be able to connect the ECC100 via the ethernet interface to this software infrastructure.

Software Upgrade /PRO

The ECC100, is designed to be operated remotely via a computer by using the PC software interface “DAISY”. A basic version of DAISY is provided by attocube by default, the activation code for a fully-featured /PRO version of DAISY can be purchased through attocube’s sales team at any time. The /PRO version offers several additional functionalities and features, such as multi-device operation (controlling several ECC100 with the same PC), real-time setpoint modulation required for a fast response to an input signal, finepositioning capabilities in open loop mode, end of travel detection, and additional input & output trigger signals (AquadB).


Art. No.

/SYNC software upgrade (activation code)


/PRO software upgrade (activation code)


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