Ultra large scan range

All microscopes of the attoDRY LAB product line feature a massive increase of scan range by more than a factor of 4 compared to our previous systems. At 80 μm x 80 μm at room temperature, and 125 μm x 125 μm at liquid helium temperatures, this covers an area more than 16 times larger than before, and two orders of magnitude larger than conventional scan tubes.


Proven performance

Unlike any other manufacturer, attocube has achieved measured vibration and noise levels with our SPMs and dry cryostats that speak for themselves. The unique combination of our attoDRY1100/2100 with our ultra-stable and rigid microscopes ensures a flawless operation, and proven specifications even for delicate scanning probe measurement tasks in the harsh environment of a noisy pulse-tube cooler.


Closed loop scanning

attocube presents the first commercial closed loop scan system for cryogenic and variable temperatures and high magnetic fields: based on the interferometric attoFPSensor, the system reaches a resolution of less than 1 nm. Furthermore, it completely eliminates the hysteresis inherent to any piezo-based scanner.


Ease of use

By providing intuitive software interfaces as well as sophisticated hardware, attocube enables the user to concentrate on the measurements and his research rather than on trying to make a complex instrument work. Examples are our alignment-free cantilever holder, the quick exchange sample holders as well as the updated Daisy software interface of the ASC500 SPM controller.

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