Cryostat Platforms

Fully Automated & Low Vibration


At the basis of the attoDRY LAB concept, there are two of the most remarkable closed-cycle cryostats on the market. Besides being cryogen- free, which takes away all the heavy logistics as well as high costs associated with liquid helium, the attoDRY1100 & attoDRY2100 are the only dry cryostats on the market with proven low vibration performance. This makes them ideally suited for sensitive measurement techniques such as scanning probe microscopy for surface characterization

on the nanoscale, and confocal microscopy with free-beam optics for a multitude of quantum optics experiments.


On top of that, both cryostats feature a fully automated touchscreen interface for temperature and magnetic field control, outstanding temperature stability, unmatched cooling performance via fast cooldown times, and an unusually silent operation.

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